The late Shri Omji Vyas, the great poet from Ujjain, had once said, “The person whose parents are alive is the only happy and wealthy person in the whole world.”

Ageing parents always like to spend more and more quality time with their families. But in 21st century due to the fast paced lifestyle in the cities, children’s of elders are not able to spend much time with their ageing parent, which makes elders lonely and neglected. It is easy to brand their children’s as irresponsible, but one must remember that their children’s are sandwich generations who have to look after their own family, demanding career and equally unable to spend enough time with their own children, hence it is not them, but the socio-economic realities that are responsible for the current scenario.

Even though most elder parents understand the situation of their sons and daughters and adjust, keeping in mind the future of their grand-children, these elders need to remain joyful during their old age, interact with the people of same age group and remain busy during the day time by engaging themselves in creative activities at their pace. We offer them such services, a package of care under the supervision of experienced professionals in the field of elder care.

Our main objective for developing “A Silver Amore” home is to enable your parents or dependent senior relatives to enjoy their sunset years in peaceful surrounding. We often find couples who are too busy in their business or professional work to be able to spare the time for their parents. There are others who are settled abroad while the old parents live alone to fend for themselves at the mercy of house help in India. Such people feel anxious and distressed about their parents, which in turn affect their careers, mental peace, life and health. A Silver Amore home is the answer to such a situation. At our home your parents will be well looked after here, so that you can focus and concentrate on your business, other activities or career and enjoy life without worrying about your parents health and safety issues and at the same time your parents too can enjoy their old age life happily.